Meet Our Team

Keeper of the pocket egg

Zach ditched his Amish lifestyle after responding to a request to be on ABC's The Bachelor. After coming in contact with ice and receiving a moist handshake, Zach made it his mission to put an end to bottle sweat the American way!

Design Queen

Before Freaker, Audrey competed in pogo-sticking competitions around the world. She is the mastermind behind some of Freakers most hilarious designs.

Awesome Sales Manager

Daniel has always had a growing desire to become an animal. He's lured out of the office by shiny objects and leaves in order to preach the good vibes of Freaker USA on the road.

Retail Website Mastermind

This woman is the beating heart of our customer service and fulfillment team. She loves talking with everyone, so talk to her!

Master of Pizza Imagery

Carlos is world renowned for photographing savory slices of pizza and once lost his camera lens in a buffet at Pizza Hut. 
In 20 years Carlos will most likely be found in an underground bunker mapping out a plan of attack for the human resistance after Siri and Alexa turn against human beings.

Sales Support Dude
Outbound Honcho

Jeff uses the power of his teddy-bear-garcia-soft-dad voice to close all the sales in town, often melting the phone. He'll also create you a mixed tape that will make ya feel like Soul Train just pulled into your living room!

Production Manager

Kevin keeps his identity hidden.  We actually don't know anything about Kevin, he's a big mystery.  He showed up at the office one day and hasn't left since.  All we know is that.


Digital Dignitary

Geoff goes by many names. Ge-off, Pete, Sweet P, Geoffster, Bubbles. We’re certain he lives inside the internet and his body is an advanced hologram. He insists he is allergic to snow.

Mr. Pete
Office Dog
Drinks pee while smacking his lips.
Office Dog
Prettiest eyelashes at the dog park
Office Dog
Loves a good convertible.
Office Dog
Sneaky good at getting pets.