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Bear Meets World

$9.99 $5.99

Come through and let the bear get his paws on ya!

One Size Fits All: From momma bear's jug of honey mead to baby bears bottle of milk, it slides over the top and fits snug.

Made in North Carolina: The bears around here aren't as big as they are up north, but man do they get into mischief.

Insulates: Bears eat in large quantities to insulate themselves with fat through the winter as they hibernate. Freakers protect your hand from the cold harsh realities of bottle sweat. Same thing.

Machine Washable: We heard that it also will come clean if you find a tree with some rough bark and start rub it all over it. We don't believe it though. Best to stick to the spin cycle.

American Jobs: We heard that while there are bears all over the world, the best bears live in America. They are the best Godless killing machines of all.

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Sausalito? Sausaneato! One Size Fits All: Would this beverage insulator fit over the state of California? Made in North Carolina: You know, we used to be the Hollywood of the South! Insulates: Keeps your drinks cold as a Bridgeport snowstorm and as hip as a San Diego Bike Party. Machine Washable: Throw them in the washer with the red carpet from your fancy film premieres. Unless, of course, you're one of the estimates 1/2 million homeless people that call California home, in which case we recommend throwing it with your regular laundry to save money. American Jobs: Born in the USA! Made in the USA!
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Lance Tiny-Arms Strong

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"Hold on to your butts." One Size Fits All: Looks especially good on bottles used on bikes. Made in North Carolina: Where biking is recognized as a thing people do. Insulates: Keeps that Twisted Tea cold while you peddle home from the corner store. Machine Washable: Really likes warm water. American Jobs: Where cheaters never win and winners never cheat. ;)