Freaker Friday: Out of Print!!

There’s more to November than just facial hair (for the kids!) and dead birds. November is the unofficial start of your winter hibernation time. For some that means curling up with a hot toddy and loved ones next to a cozy fire place. Some lock themselves in the attic with a bottle of whiskey and a good book. All stay warm and live happily ever after. Or so the story goes.

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING THIS WEEK: We have 5 care packages to give away this week featuring tote bags from Out Of Print!

Made in the USA, each tote is a reference to a piece of classical literature so you can proudly trick the general public into assuming that you’re a well-read individual!!!! Each care package also comes with a Fitzgerald Freaker! (Total retail value: $28)

HOW TO ENTER: Show us your best literary reference on Instagram with the hashtag #ToteWrote.

For example - if you like Steinbeck - smash some grapes with all of your wrath. Little Women? I know a couple of those. If you’re reading Moby Dick, just keep it to yourself. We believe you.

(Winners announced in the Tuesday newsletter!)