Freaker Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season in upon us! Are you shopping for a friend, significant other, your mom, or even yourself?  Yes? Great!!  🎁 We have the PERFECT guide for you! 🎁   Click on the items you want to view, then buy them silly!!!   First, lets tackle the FRIENDS   These styles are for the people that you vibe with. Obviously it's magical.   These are for the people you watch sports with. These fellas are the best in football right now. These styles are PERFECT for the people you jam with...

Freakerality Quiz Results (For Stats Nerds)

Freaker Personality Quiz  The process of coming up with our Freakers designs is unique and typically comes from one idea and it blooms into a hilarious product. We like to think every one we make has it’s own Personality just as we humans do. We wanted everyone to have the opportunity to match your personality to a Freaker… aka find out your Freakerality.  We thought long and hard about what characterizes you all as living breathing people and what you do in your everyday lives and what makes...

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Day at our sock mill

Did you know that our Freaker bottle covers & Freaker Feet socks are made entirely in North Carolina from start to finish?!!  Our cotton is sourced from AK, MS, AL, LA & GA and our sock mill is located in Troy, NC.  All of our product is tested and true for big sales and happy vibes!

Inside the Freaker office

Ever wonder what the newest Freaker office looks like?! The Freaker Headquarters, Freak Zone, Freak Shack?! It's nestled in historic downtown Wilmington where the Freakers are always fresh.  Behind these walls are a mecca of funky ideas, wild office dogs and a never ending supply of freak. No, we do not have a retail store.

Zach's Amish lifestyle

Legend has it that Freaker CEO Zach Crain once lived a simple Freaker free life among the Amish community.  He spent his days using lanterns for light, practicing yo yo tricks and living that rural lifestyle. His beverage choices, although authentic were limited.  Deep down he knew that there was more to life than raw milk and the use of horses for locomotion.

Of Boll Weevils and Freaks

5 ½ years ago, in the town of Enterprise, Alabama, two school teachers decided to open a storefront in the bustling downtown. Patsy Holland and Stephanie Walden are the owners of Style ASAP, the unique boutique that features one-of-a-kind jewelry, Made in America products, and sartorial splendor for guys and gals ages 9-99. They also sell one of the most unique custom styles Freaker has ever produced. 

Traveling with a Freaker

One thing I never travel without...a Freaker. Heather Taddy here, Freakers social media gal. I’ve been posting from the road the past 2 months working on a TV show. Before I left, I made sure to bring an excess amount of Freakers for our production crew and new friends I made at the airport. As I stay hydrated on the road my water bottle is never naked. That's a downright crime. Have you noticed that Freakers are great conversation starters?!

Freaker Feet Kickstarter 3 year Anniversary!

Today marks the 3 year anniversary of Freaker Feet Kickstarter campaign.  In 2015 we had this wild idea to make socks that go between your shoe and your foot, so we launched 127 different styles. 100% sourced, manufactured and made in the USA! You all helped us meet our goal and we THANK YOU! 4,948 backers pledged $255,264 to help bring this project to life! You know who you are.

How do I get Custom Bottle Covers and Socks?!?!

  We get emails/calls every single day asking: "Hey, you guys are amazing people, love your designs. Can I get one for my business/school/organization?" The answer is: YUP, YUP!! 😺💯 

Uses for a Freaker

We all know that a Freaker can be a lifesaver for your beverage. Everyone’s been in the situation when you have a dripping water bottle, you put it in your purse and everything gets wet. Oh no, my documents are dripping! Did you know that there are 167 other uses for a Freaker? Here are just a few that you can write about in your diary.