Meet The Slippy: A Freaker Kickerstarter Project

SLIPPY: A Kickstarter Project
About a year ago, we started developing the Slippy.
With almost 10 years of earth-shattering success in the knit beverage sleeve space, focusing mostly on bottle covers, we decided we wanted to leverage our knowledge AND do something that clearly makes a positive impact on our world. As we sipped on our coffee at the meeting, we suggested that a knit version of the traditional cardboard coffee sleeve was an excellent model to replicate.
After months of testing we settled on a shape and a knit pattern that doesn't stretch like a Freaker, but is amazingly functional on every type of glass and container.
Then, we found a company in North Carolina (our home) that makes a yarn from recycled plastic, but most thread produced for clothing and accessories is made of a mix of ocean bound plastic and general recycled plastic. We lobbied the organization to have OUR yarn made form 100% coastal plastic. By doing that, it allowed us to create a product that used 1 recycled plastic bottle to make 1 Slippy. If you think that's as amazing as we do, we'd love for you to support our Kickstarter and help us keep MILLIONS if not BILLIONS of bottle of plastic from reaching the ocean.