Freaker Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season in upon us!
Are you shopping for a friend, significant other, your mom, or even yourself? 
Yes? Great!! 

🎁 We have the PERFECT guide for you! 🎁

Click on the items you want to view, then buy them silly!!!

First, lets tackle the FRIENDS

  These styles are for the people that you vibe with. Obviously it's magical.
These are for the people you watch sports with. These fellas are the best in football right now.
These styles are PERFECT for the people you jam with and they really appreciate perfect nuggets.


Do they complete your heart?
Do you they make you feel safe?
Do they need to calm down just a bit?

Now, The MOMS

Does she love a nice 1872 Cabernet Sauvignon?
Does she love true Rock 'N' Roll or is she a bit more Spicy??
Would she love if you contributed to a nonprofit with her Christmas gift?
Buy a Fish You Were Here Freaker and 25% of profits will be donated to the Autism Society of NC. 
Buy Conseration Nation Socks or a Freaker and 85% of profits will be donated to Conservation Nation.

Now, TO: Me FROM: Me

Do you need to send people a signal?
Are you always giving out love?

And finally... For Anyone

For every holiday loving person in your life!




Holiday 3 Pack



Hats, Mugs & T-Shirts