Freakerality Quiz Results (For Stats Nerds)

Freaker Personality Quiz 

The process of coming up with our Freakers designs is unique and typically comes from one idea and it blooms into a hilarious product. We like to think every one we make has it’s own Personality just as we humans do.

We wanted everyone to have the opportunity to match your personality to a Freaker… aka find out your Freakerality. 

We thought long and hard about what characterizes you all as living breathing people and what you do in your everyday lives and what makes up these activities. So, eating, partying, sleeping, breathing, EVERYTHING. 

Let’s dive into it.


The First question:

The results on this one! Wow! 32% of you guys SERIOUSLY DON’T CARE and 30% REALLY CARE! We appreciate the diversity. 


The Second Question:

We LOVE that 69% of you guys identify yourself as Reliable and Tasteful, Caring and Dignified, or Charming and Entertaining. 


The Third Question:


This one may have been the MOST important.. 25% of you should have been kicked out of the questionnaire. 


The Fourth Question:

40% of y’all are from North Carolina or somewhere close by, clearly.


The Fifth Question:


We do love Polka Dots but you guys have proved that the majority of human brains would rather see plaid on their body’s rather than the dots, forever. 


The Sixth Question:


This Question may have been the determining factor for human race. 43% of you guys want to buy 30 Chicken Wings, a Large Pizza, and Three Lava Cakes when you find $100. This information tells us you guys are HUNGRY and will do ANYTHING to get a snack. We are sorry Gucci.


The Seventh Question: 

28% of people drink their coffee BLACK… and 24% DON’T drink coffee... we can respect it. This means the majority are either trying to get that caffeine straight or none at all. 


The Eighth Question: 

THANK GOODNESS… you guys prefer the soft, crispy, buttery, deep squares rather than the flatness in your time of need.


The Ninth Question:


So, only 2% of y’all wall twerk? This is not what we see according to your snapchat stories… but ok. 35% of y’all are at the chip bowl and the same percentage is Vibing to The Music. We vibe with both of these. 




So, as you can probably already tell 31% of you guys are Baberaham. You guys are always looking for a good time and enjoy others company. 24% of you are Taco Cat, you are always hungry and in need of Waffle. 


From this analysis, we have concluded most people love food and America. This will push us to make more Freakers containing these to things... Maybe even them together? That's for another blog completely! Thanks to everyone who participated. You are amazing!