Zach's Amish lifestyle

Legend has it that Freaker CEO Zach Crain once lived a simple Freaker free life among the Amish community.  He spent his days using lanterns for light, practicing yo yo tricks and living that rural lifestyle. His beverage choices, although authentic were limited.  Deep down he knew that there was more to life than raw milk and the use of horses for locomotion.

During Rumshpringa Zach decided that he would venture out into the world and never look back.  For it was time to leave the suspenders behind, but not the beard oh no never the beard. Zach lived out of a car, ended up in Wilmington, NC and got invited to a stich and bitch.  It was here that he discovered a plethora of beverages, along with homemade ice. (Zach dressed as an astronaut, putting a flag in an ice box) He often recalls the first time he received a moist handshake. "Eww that's a wet hand." he said.

Consequently this invention called “ice” lead to bottle sweat and moist handshakes which made him feel very uneasy. His mission -put an end to moist handshakes all over the world. The Freaker is born!