Street Cred Freaker Points

Yesterday there was a company decision that it was finally time to up our street cred. We've been associated with knitting circles and puppy lovers for TOO LONG and these perceived alliances have been detrimental to our toughness. In reality, we're tough. Real tough.

To prove how tough we are and to gain at least 6 points in Street Cred, we did what was necessary: we conducted a non-break-in at our old office to steal back a Freaker sign. It was a stealth mission that required unlimited stealth, valor, and toughness. Here's how it went.

Supplies for any non-break-in? Ladder. Hammer. Dog. (Not pictured: dog)

Freaker USA Castle St old office

Oh, hello old friend. NOW GET IN THE CAR. 

Would Van Damme be proud? WOULD HE?

Pete Dog Freaker USA

Tip #2 for non-break-ins: always have a look-out.

Stealth... Stealth... Don't drop it please. That may hurt our stealth points.

BOOM, BABY. That is a stealth job done stealthily.

And THAT, my friends, is how you earn 6 Street Cred points with stealth, boxtrucks, and yes.... puppies.