Freaker Friday: Handmade Jewelry Mania!

Guys. It's getting late. It's almost the season for fancy parties. Here's what that may mean for you:

A.) You may have to be Bruce Willis in Die Hard.
B.) You may have to rely on your date to make you look good.
C.) All of the above. Probably all of the above.

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING THIS WEEK: We have 9 care packages to give away this week featuring necklaces from ERS Creative and earrings from Delusions of Grandeur! We have geometrics, lions, foxes, and fancypants galore. Each winner will get a different piece, all of which are winners in themselves.

Both companies handmake their jewelry in LA. Both are incredibly impressive. Both will guarantee that you look good. Damn good. (Disclaimer: if you're going for the Bruce Willis option this fancy-party season, then both will make the ladies in your life look good. Damn good.) Each care package comes with a Sherlock Homie Freaker! (Total retail value: $50-60)

HOW TO ENTER: Get on Facebook, find this graphic, and leave a photo comment (or regular comment. WHATEVER.) showing us what your fancy-party spirit-animal is. You can interpret that however you want to.

As always, winners will be announced in our Tuesday newsletter.

Now go forth and prosper, fancypants.