The Spatula of Destiny


Cramworks. Cramworks, man. 

So there's this guy who makes our displays. His name is Carson. Carson Cram. He operates through his company Cramworks and primarily makes theatrical sets. Cramworks is a local gig. Cramworks doesn't have a website. Cramworks is just a guy, like anyone else. Cramworks just demolished any sense of achievement that we once had. 

Cramworks made a spatula out of a Freaker display. 

This changes everything. There is no turning back from here. 

If you ever have a moment of professional contentment, a moment where you think you might have your shit together, your ducks all in a row, your path forged... know that Cramworks is lurking in the shadows just waiting to prove you wrong. 

Cramworks and his stupid spatula. The most beautiful spatula in the history of spatulas. The spatula of youth. The spatula of destiny. 

I need that spatula, Cramworks. I need that spatula now.