Careful What You Wish For

We encourage customers to leave "special instructions" with their retail orders.  Not only does it add humor to the morning,  but it gives us a chance to make you feel like the beautiful and unique snowflake your mom always promised you were. 

Last week we received this "special instruction" from a mysterious consumer: 

"Please draw a penis of some sort with a mustache on the letter.   I would also like an autographed picture of the stachemaster Adam Keen taking a shot of pertplus from a glass harmonica."

Let me clarify: 

A.) We do not know an Adam Keen. 

B.) The internet exists, so we're ABOUT to know an Adam Keen.

C.) This was the end result. FOR KIDS!

This is Adam Keen. He heads our local chapter of Mustaches For Kids. He wants you to do stuff. For kids. We second that notion.