Freaker Friday Giveaway: The Good Fight!

Batman is great. Superman is great. WonderWoman is great. Bring them together, form the Justice League, great turns into SUPAH GRATEEEEE!

If only there was a Justice League for our daily villains (I'm looking at you, allergies), all would be right in the world. Community supported ass-kicking is not unlike community supported herbalism. And we're here to save your day.

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING: We have 5 care packages this week featuring the community supported herbalism all-stars, The Good Fight!

Lauren Giambrone is an herbalist superhero with her organic garden lair in upstate New York. She grows, gathers and sources medicinal herbs for handmade, small batch products that promote self care and thriving health.

Enrollment is happening now for her 2016 Community Supported Herbalism program! Members get a care package each season with 5 organic herbal remedies, 1 self-care surprise, and an informational booklet because knowledge is health as well as power. Learn more about the program here!

Each winner gets an herbal medicine (colds? immune support? allergies? We gotchu!) and a DC Comics superhero Freaker of their choice!

Get on Facebook, find this graphic, and let us know in the comments how you're fighting the good fight.

Winners announced in our Tuesday newsletter!