Freaker Yardsale!

Wilmington - we’re having a blowout yardsale of discontinued Freakers, Freaker Feet, growlers, odds & also ends. Yes, there will be a $1 bin.

This Saturday. 8am-2pm. Our office. 1121 S. Front St (near Satellite!)

We want you to laser blast through our inventory space jam.
Take out our Weapons of Mass Freakdom.
Be the typhoon to our straw beachhouse of extra supply.
Extinguish the fire of our Freaker stockpile.
Wax the extra Freaker hairs off of our warehouse legs.
Liquidate our solids.
DEALS DEALS DEALS. Bargain closeout value sale sale sale budget cheapo slashed AM I DOING IT RIGHT YET?

See you there.