Freaker Friday: Sleepy Mountain!

Not only did your mom pop you into this world, she also laid the foundation for your cultural upbringing.

Some mother's read classic literature to their child in the womb. Our CEO Zach's mom taught him the grace and elegance of Swedish black metal. Our designer Carlos learned the finer points of merengue dancing from his madre. What did you learn from yo' mama? Pass down what's been passed down to you. It's the culture-circle of life.

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING: We have 5 care packages this week featuring the warm-fuzzies of Sleepy Mountain!

Providing pop culture master-bites to the masses, Thais Marchese and her company Sleepy Mountain are like an ice cream truck in the apocalypse. A simple smiling reminder that everything is a-okay.

Whether it be Ron Swanson earrings, Wes Anderson pins, or Vonnegut stickers, Sleepy Mountain finds all the soft spots.

Each winner gets a prize from Sleepy Mountain, a Golden Gulls Freaker & matching pair of Freaker Feet!

HOW TO ENTER: Get on Instagram, and show us a piece of culture you learned from yo' mama. Use the hashtag #FreakerMountain for your chance to win!

Winners announced in our Tuesday newsletter!