Freaker Friday: Curio Spice!

Curiosity killed the cat, huh? Was there an autopsy? Who exactly was responsible for this cat? Please don't tell me it was Schrodinger. As a species, cats should consider a restraining order on that guy. 

Curiosity can be blamed for more than just cat massacres. Curiosity is a desire to KNOW. Curiosity propels inspiration forward and finds the inner child hiding within all of us. Long live the curious! Long live the cat! 

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING:We have 5 care packages this week featuring the yumyums of

Curio Spice

Officially? Curio Spice is a "a local, independent, woman-owned Public Benefit Corporation working to provide a better life for farmers, protect the environment, and unite people around food."

On a less official note, Curio Spice is the modern American version of ancient Silk Road trading. Claire Cheney has taken the adventurism of worldly flavors and made a fairy-tale of a company, bright with the colors of international curiosity. Clear eyes, full hearts, good food, can't lose. 
Each winner gets a prize from Curio Spice, a Burgha Belly Freaker, and a matching pair of Freaker Feet socks! 

HOW TO ENTER: Curiosity allegedly killed the cat. What did it do to you?

Get on Facebook, find this graphic, and let us know in the comments for your chance to win! 

Winners announced in our Tuesday newsletter!