Freaker Friday: Flipped Bird

Everyone, consciously or not, forms habits with their words. We’ve recently noticed some of our own patterns. For example, we dissproportionately call "un-saucy" things “saucy." Nobody is quite sure where “chicki chicki boom boom” came from, but we overuse the saying without shame. An overwhelming amount Ricky Martin quotes. The word “getchu.” And the staggering amount of times we’ve called a person “little bird.”

It might be time to shake the habit and flip the bird.

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING THIS WEEK: We have 8 care packages to give away this week featuring bags from Flipped Bird! The lovely folks at Flipped Bird hand make reversible bags right here in the US of A. This week’s care packages include one of their reversible tiny bags, a 3 pack of their snagless hair ties and a Furbie Spice Freaker! (total retail value: $41)

HOW TO ENTER: Do you flip out, flip your flops, or flip a coin? Get on Instagram and show us what you can flip with the hashtag #FreakerFlipped for your chance to win!