Freaker Friday: Halflife USA!

This is our first day back in the office since Monday. The entire south-east turned into a solid sheet of ice for three days. What we learned in those three days is the absolute diversity of how people deal with “cabin fever.” The first day was all fun-times and snowballs. The second day was data entry and Netflix. By the third day, some of us were manically attaching mattresses to pickup trucks "for sleds", while others were making deranged fan pages for NASCAR drivers on

Yes, all of these stories are true. Now we want to know what strange things you find yourself doing after 3 days of cabin fever.

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING THIS WEEK: We have 5 care packages to give away this week featuring $30 gift codes from Halflife USA! Each one of their impossibly-soft shirts is made from locally sourced materials and manufactured in the USA!

Ambitious and motivated, the guys over at Halflife are on a mission to restructure how society views the cycle of homelessness in our communities. Not only does 10% of each sale goes to a shelter of your choice, but they’ve also set up mobile programs for transitional employment. Keep on freakin on, Bubba.

Each care package also comes with a Freaker of your choice!

HOW TO ENTER: Get on Twitter and let us know what activities keep you occupied during a spell of cabin fever with the hashtag #HalfFreaked for your chance to win! Winners announced in our Tuesday newsletter!