Freaker Friday: DODOcase!

How are you feeling today? Hm? Are you SO EXCITED YOU JUST CAN'T CONTAIN IT? Are you sulking through your office mumbling rude words about "breeders?" Are you more focused on the fact that it's Friday than the unspoken rule that you must "play nice" for 24 hours?

Valentines Day is more than just a holiday about love, so lighten up. It's a holiday about flaunting absurd pet names. Let's celebrate the snoogie woogie boos of the world. Together. Forever.

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING: We have 6 care packages to give away this week featuring DODOcases for iPhone 5! Handcrafted in San Francisco, DODOcase will protect your robots from extinction using traditional bookbinding techniques. Each care package comes with an iPhone 5 DODOcase and a Vegan Freaker!

"The DODOcase philosophy is simple: make things locally and help keep the art of bookbinding alive and well by adapting it to a world of digital devices. Our skilled craftsmen make beautiful products to meet today's modern needs using age-old techniques that need preserving. It's a happy marriage of tradition and technology."

HOW TO ENTER: Get on Twitter and share your favorite "pet name" with us with the hashtag #DODOfreaker for your chance to win! (No, it doesn't have to be for a lover. Yes, interpret it however you want to.)

Winners announced in our Tuesday newsletter!