Freaker Friday: Grabbag of goodies!

Freaker Fridays are always fun, but today we have an extra special treat for you. Have you entered a Freaker Friday in the past with absolute certainty that you deserve the trophy prize, only for your hopes and dreams to be squashed when you don’t win? Good news for you, Bubba. Every now and then, a Freaker Friday winner fails to send us their shipping address.

Mmmhm, you heard right. We have a collection of unclaimed Freaker Friday prizes!

Every single one of them is from a hearty small business that decided to manufacture quality goods in the USA. Every single one of them is waiting for you. Ladies and gentlemen, this is your second chance. Carpe freakin’ diem, guys.

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING: We have 7 care packages to give away this week! Each winner will get their choice of one of the following presents and a Sour Puss Freaker!

-DENIK notebook (art art art notebooks art notebooks art!)
-Tote bag from Out Of Print (for book worms and illiterates alike!)
-Assorted Tattly pack (designer temporary tattoos to scare your mom & impress your enemies!)
-Beer soap via Damn Handsome Grooming Company (it’s good. It’s really really good.) 
-Passport cover from 11:11 (jet setting & heart stealing!)
-Canvas pocket-notebook from Emgie Libris (to-do your lists in super style)
-Cuppow (canning-jar lunchbox compartmentalization for the win!)

HOW TO ENTER: The term "grab bag" can be interpreted in different ways. Get on Instagram and show us the strangest thing we would find if we grabbed something in your bag. Use the hashtag #FreakerGrab for your chance to win!

Winners announced in our Tuesday newsletter!