Etsy & the Super Freak

Eenie Etsy Minee Mo! Etsy got superfreaked!

Earth Day was last week, and our friends at Etsy lived up to their reputation by celebrating with small business, innovation, and jubilation. The little birds teamed up with both Freaker and Cuppow, then started a Cup Exchange Program at their headquarters in Brooklyn. The program in their own words:

We’ve set up three modular stations around the office so that folks can grab a clean cup on their way out the door, and then drop it in the dirty bin when they return. We also connected with local vendors — like Brooklyn Roasting Company and One Girl Cookies — to provide a discount for Etsy Admin who brought our reusable cup when purchasing beverages (just on the off chance that saving the planet isn’t a big enough incentive).

Brilliance! Spread your wings and fly, Etsy!