Road Warriors -

Our fearless road warriors have finally returned after a week of ... road war? The beloved BabyBTruck has been in a Las Vegas storage unit since January because we scheduled ourselves for exactly 4 gazillion trade shows in the desert this year. Last week, it was confirmed: it was finally time to bring her home. 

After a week of the open road, close encounters with a tribe of bobcats, and a handful of trucks health-scares, she's home! Now that it's confirmed that everybody survived, let's all take a breath of relief and reflect on the totality of weirdness roadtrips in America deliver. 

We met a broken-down-bus full of skaters in the desert. Presents ensued. 

Thanks Soundcast for the suweeeeeeeeet Melody sound system! 

It's a weird world and a kooky country - never take that for granted. Let's wallow in it!