This June, our little company will be turning 3 years old! Just like a real person, it's been transitioning from crawling around and babbling incoherently to being able to prance around the room like a menace. Three is still young for both children and companies, but big growth is in store!

We've done what any loving parent would do - we knocked ourselves up and then knocked ourselves off. Our baby had a baby. Welcome to the stage …Cover-Alls!

Cover-Alls is Freaker USA's baby brother. They live in a different type of store. They’re made a little differently, they look a little differently, they move and groove a little differently - but they come from the same motherboard.

On our quest to rid the world of moist handshakes, Cover-Alls is the Robin to our Batman.

We get the heebie-jeebies when we see Freaker knock-offs made overseas, and Cover-Alls is our response to them. Cover-Alls are still made in America! We see little stories like Cover-Alls as a big win for the team of ‘Murca!

(Note: We only manufacture Freaker and Cover-Alls, any other knit insulator you see is not us. Feel free to poke fun of the impostors, but try to be nice to Cover-Alls. They have low self esteem at the moment.)

You are the wind beneath our wings and we love you long time (forever.)