Freaker Cave EXPOSED!

We're not comparing ourselves to Batman here - we would never do that. If we were to hypothetically compare ourselves to Batman though, we would start with the cave situation. 

The National Freaker Inquirer is proud to break this very novel story: Inside the Freaker Cave! An arguably-first ever look inside the brick chaos that makes up the secretive Freakerville world headquarters. 

See a blond girl ponder over a pseudo-real kitchen area! SNACK SCANDALS ENSUE!

Sneaking in on a business meeting. You can tell the marks of a business meeting by subtle signs such as A.) Deep Scowls and B.) Confusing Hand Gestures. 

THIS IS OUR WAAAAAAREHOUSE. (Caveat: That must be read in the same tone as R. Kelly's This Is My Storyyyyy)

Much unlike the Batcave, we have binders full of women here in the Freaker Cave. 

So there. It may be "bad form" to compare yourself to Batman, but you know what? Running a business named  "Freaker USA" allows you to get away with blasphemy.