New Freaker: Shark Tube!

There are some obsessive points in American pop culture that nobody can quite explain. An unhealthy fixation on Nicholas Cage's career? The entire state of Florida? Troll dolls? Dennis Rodman?! Rationalize that to an outsider, I dare you.

Dedicating an entire week in the middle of summer to cheering-on giant, swimming-teeth that want to eat you? Shark Week is psychotic. And awesome. And it's almost here. Prepare yourself this year with a Shark. In a tube. On a Freaker.

Ladies & Gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to the newest member of the Freaker Family... Shark Tube!

(A special thanks goes out to our friends at Nordstrom who special requested "one shark to rule them all." If you want to find a Shark Tube in your neighborhood, these locations are the first to carry them!)