New Freaker: Cackalacky!

Once upon a time Petey Pablo put North Carolina on the pop culture map by telling everybody to take off their shirts, because "North Carolina." Instead of questioning that logic, the masses did exactly what he told them to. Because North Carolina.

But North Carolina is more than just shirtless helicopter parties in a parking lot.

North Carolina is where where people fight over the definition of "BBQ," where the sweetest tea, the sweetest treats, Blackbeard, moonshine, biscuits, BISCUITS, (speaking of biscuits, Fred Durst is from NC), Bat Cave, Wagon Wheel, first in flight (calm down, Ohio, this isn't about you), weirdly divisive shades of blue, venus fly traps, Merge Records and hurricane parties happen. North Carolina is where Freakers happen.

I mean come on. We made Michael Jordan AND Cheerwine, y'all. Raise up.

Ladies & Gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to the newest member of the Freaker Family... Cackalacky!!