Next Glass Interview!

Lauren Freaker girl

Our friends at Next Glass, another Wilmington-based company revolutionizing the way you drink things, recently did an interview with our co-founder Lauren about jerk bosses, Danzig, and some mysterious projects that we have in the works. 

They had this bit which has made us blush uncontrollably for three days now:

"Freaker is a fist in the air when the band is bombing. It’s the high five followed by a low 10, no questions asked. It’s a reminder to live your life in color, no matter what. You’ll be hard pressed to find a company that fulfills the values they promote so entirely-don’t just use a Freaker, live the Freaker-and for that, Next Glass is proud to share the Wilmington area with Freaker USA."

Thanks, dingdongs! We're honored to take on this "DRINK THINGS BETTER, brought to you with love from Wilmington" mission with you too!

IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: They also have an incredibly cute cat. 

Next Glass Wilmington