FairWeather Fan Sale!

We all have a fairweather fan friend. They scream at all the wrong moments, root for the team that’s making the most “goals” and booooooooo die-die-die whatever team had the most recent scandal on TMZ. And that’s fine. Fairweather fans are people too.

Just because they can’t settle down with one team doesn’t mean you can’t invite them to your football parties! I mean... They usually bring nachos. And nachos are important. 

From now until Sunday night, for every 5 Jock Itch (go team!) you buy, we’re throwing in a free Laces Out (unaffiliated football!) for your fair-weather fan friend, so they can play along with whichever team they like that day! Because this is 2014 and they have football-party rights too, dammit.

Note: (Each Laces Out will be added in manually! Even though they be on your order confirmation, they will absolutely be in your care package!)