Freaker Friday: GreenTree Home Candles

Cat's pajamas. Ant's pants. Goat's gonads. Rad. Far out. Phat. The bomb (diggity.) Chill. TRILL. Trilllllllll.

Language in pop culture keeps evolving, but nothing has ever truly topped the original cool-kid slang, "the bee's knees." Who came up with that brilliance and why did it make sense?! Try as we might, there has been a downward spiral into basic vulgarity (i.e. "THE TITS") and today we officially declare a new era of "talking good." Y'all ready? Let's git r' dun.

What you are Winning:

The lovely ladies at GreenTree Home Candle love working with their hands, love making quality candles from 100% beeswax, and love sounding like lady vikings of the home-goods world:

“Each day, slabs of raw wax are broken into pieces and melted to an exact temperature. Top secret dye recipes are measured and added. The wax is then poured into the scores molds ranging in shapes, styles and sizes. As the candles set, careful attention is given to curing, bubbles and topping off.”

Their Henry Bottle Collection evokes the nostalgia of vintage medicine (read: HOOCH) bottles, and just like the olden times, the innards are vaguely flammable! (FACT: Handmade beeswax candles have a slower and more pleasant burn than medicinal moonshine.)

Each winner also gets a Forget Me Now Freaker!

How to Enter

The phrase "bee's knees" is sooooo 90 years ago. Get on Facebook, find this graphic, and leave a comment with your new lingo to replace "the bee's knees." Winners announced in our Tuesday newsletter!