Freaker Friday: Avenue Dee!!

Traveling is one of life’s greatest treats. The quirks of the world never cease to amaze, but it’s not only the destination that makes traveling such a treasure - the journey is often the most eccentric part.

We’ve all had some strange adventures (I mean, we lived in a traveling boxtruck for 4 months) and while there are endless perks to a nomadic period, one of the biggest and brightest bonuses is the fanny pack. You know what I'm talking about. The glorious, glorious fanny pack.

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING: We have 5 care packages this week featuring handmade fanny packs from Avenue Dee!!

Avenue Dee started once upon a time when the dearest Deeana caught the travel bug. She made herself a fannypack for her adventures and soon enough, friends, family, and beyond were wanting one to call their own.

Now Avenue Dee supplies adventure seekers and wander lusters and "LOOK MOM, NO HANDS!" enthusiasts with colorful fanny packs for their journeys, big and small.

Fun meets function... with a side order of awesome. Bring the fanny pack back? Oh, it's been broughten.

Each winner gets a handmade fanny pack, a Baberaham Lincoln and a Mt. Crushmore Freaker!

HOW TO ENTER: Get on Facebook, find this graphic, and let us know the most interesting place on your travel bucket-list for a chance to win! Words and / or photos both apply!!!

Winners announced in our Tuesday newsletter!