Internet Holiday!

Weird christmas santa kid

We don't have to tell you that the internet is a special place to visit. You know. We know. Everyone knows.

We WOULD, however, like to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Here are some of the best treats for the season - flavored with the spices of the world wide web. 
Patrick Stewart Ian McKellen Santa Weird Christmas

Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen Christmas Game? Strong. 

Weird Hanukkah

Whatchu know about Jewish Zebras? We hope you have a wild ass Hanukkah! #Molotov

weird winter cold old couple

Them currrrrrrrves though...

gingerbread house hard drunk

Yeah. Pffft. Idiots. 

Weird feliz navidad sign

Enjoy your stay and please come again, little chickies. 

Happiest holidaze to you and yours!