Freakquently Asked Feet Questions!

Johann Sebastian Sock! Thanks for the sweet art-ing, Dave Mercer!

We launched our Freaker Feet Kickstarter campaign almost two weeks ago with big dreams, lots of love, and a warm trust-fall into this community. You (yes you! and you and you and you!) are making dreams come true over here, and for that we are melting with gratitude!

Some frequently asked questions we've been noticing:

Q.) Will I get to choose my designs when the project is funded?!
A.) Absolutely! When the time comes, we'll be sending you a "backer survey" that will allow you to pick and choose whatever designs strike your fancy!

Q.) A shark bit off half of my left foot, do I need to request different sizes?
A.) Freaker Feet are One-Size-Fits-Most! You should be in the clear, buddy!

Q.) I wear a size 69 in lady shoes. Will these fit me?
A.) We have a wide variety of shoe sizes in the Freaker Office, from a woman's size 6 to a man's size 14, and these little babies fit all of them perfectly!

Q.) A lot of the reward packages come with something suggestively named Freaker. What the hell are you talking about?
A.) Freakers are amazing! They are one-size-fits-all insulators that keep all of your drinks cold and your hands dry! They, also, are made right here in the Freakin' USA! For more info, check out our website here!

Q.) I noticed that the Arizona flag has the state of Arkansas on it. Is this a secret ploy to re-map the United states?
A.) The fun part about showing the world your project before it's manufactured is that you can help us work out the wonky mistakes we've made! All of these issues will be fixed when Freaker Feet hits production! WOO!

Q.) Some of the early-bird specials are about to reach capacity. Can I still get that sweet deal after they've all been claimed?
A.) Sorry, Charlie. Once they're gone, they're gone! Hop on the early-bird train today for the ultimate street cred!

Q.) Can we hug?
A.) I thought you would never ask. The hug bug is real and we have the cure!

If you have any other questions / hopes / dreams / etc - feel free to reach out via Kickstarter or email! ! Okay love you byeeee!