Freaker Friday: Tay Ham!!

Pop culture is nuts. It's a rollercoaster of collective emotions, giggles, and cry-faces.

Why does anyone care when Jay-Z gets lady-punched in an elevator? Because it's hypnotizing and weird, that's why. Marky Mark's legal problems? Bruh. The entire series of Drake being a basketball wife. The dangerous red-line of celebrity twerking. Never forget 2007 Britney. Or Steven Seagall's bromance with Vladimir Putin.

Today we celebrate the quirks of culture with a little help from our friends.

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING: We have five care packages to give away this week featuring the wild and wonderful, cheeky freaky greeting cards from Tay Ham!

One of our hometown favorites, Tay Ham is making a splash in the national card-game. She takes the absurdity of pop culture and does the unthinkable: she makes it better.

The Guardian, MTV, Complex Magazine, and Comedy Central all agree: this girl is the bomb. The bomb diggity.

The cards start their journey in a New York paper mill, then are printed with love right down the road from Freaker headquarters! Tay Ham's badassery has got us feeling some type of way, and we need to share that excitement with you. GO HAM OR GO HOME.

Each winner gets a gift pack of 5 Tay Ham cards and an Irrigator Freaker!

HOW TO ENTER: Get on Facebook, find this graphic, and leave us a photo comment with a pop culture detail that you find to be really weird.

Winners announced in our Tuesday newsletter!