Bluetooth Invasion

Dearest backers, friends, and earthlings,

We would like to formally invite you on a luxury trip inside of Zach Crain's ear. In this spectacular holiday cruise around Freakerville, you’ll discover the mystical (yet modern!) ways of a colorful community on the coast of North Carolina.

Journey across the internet, get out of your old stink socks and into our hearts. On this exotic vacation, you will meet the good folks who you are supporting when you back Freaker Feet. They thank you for everything with the light of a million bluetooth suns!

We have 21 days left to raise the rest of our funding on Kickstarter and we can’t do this without you! Please help us share and spread this campaign like butter across the world wide web!

Come on in, shoes off, socks on, and let us nestle you! We love you. Lots. And lots.