Call to Twitter-Action!

Hi Friends! Let's get Reid from Criminal Minds on our Kickstarter feet team! We've composed a tweet for you to help us bombard the dear soul into doing a Zach Crain impression!

Click here to tweet Reid!

It has come to our attention that there is a parallel universe. In this hyper-sciencey dimension, there exists a criminal Investigation Unit much like our Hot Cop Spandex Investigation Unit. This parallel universe is called Criminal Minds - and yes, that sounds spookily close to the Freaker Minds in our video campaign. There is even a Zach Crain doppleganger character named Reid!

We need to freak this Reid. We need to freak his Reid feet. We need you help in freaking his feet. We Reid your help.

We've seen Zach Crain's Reid impression, but to make the circle complete, we would love to see Reid's Zach Crain impression.

Everybody! We’ve composed a tweet to blast Reid with. All you have to do is click here and wah-lah! Magic! May the force be with you.

Tweet Reid now!