Team up for America!

6 days left!

Over the past year we’ve worked really hard at trying to create more American jobs, and now we need your help. The Freaker Feet Kickstarter campaign is a big one, 127 sock designs and $250K is a lofty goal, but it’s what is needed to make a splash in an industry that usually outsources jobs even though we have the infrastructure here at home! If Freaker Feet were outsourced, you would only be helping ME and my Freakerteam make a living. But because we will be making them in America with companies that source from America, you’ll be helping at least 8 other companies, the people that work there, and their families, too. That’s not even counting all the different suppliers they use, like the farms where the cotton grows in Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana and Georgia!

The 'people at the top' and the 'lack of jobs' we complain about, are the people and the problems we choose to support (or not to support!) every time we spend money. Do you support products that are made and sourced in the USA when you can, or companies that bypass all those American jobs and trample on our environment just to make a higher profit and save you a few bucks? We can change the world and our future buy changing where we spend our money. Back American made companies and create jobs!

Do you see what we can do?!!! Those "big guys" we point fingers at, but at the same time we wait for them to change things because we’ve convinced ourselves that they have all the power and we have none… we can shift the power and force them to change, just by changing where we spend our money. America, it’s time to come together and support America!! Every time you buy something, imagine it’s journey to get to you...if it involves traveling across an ocean when you can get it American-made, then put it back! We live in the internet world and can spread mass thoughts and feelings and turn them into actions faster than ever before! Please, share this, comment, email it, smoke signal it, whatever you can do!!

I love you America and extend a million internet hugs to you! Please team up with us!!

Overflowing with love,
Zach Crain!