New Reward Packs!

There are 6 days left in our Kickstarter campaign and we need your help! We launched this campaign with big goals because we need to "go big" to make an impact in the import-dominated industry.

We truly madly deeply believe that American Made matters. Earlier today, we circulated a Freaker Public Service Announcement about how much power you have with your dollar, and how the future is in your hands! Check it out here!

We also added a new reward pledge to the Freaker Feet campaign!

Feety Pablo - for a limited time only, $24 will get you 2 pairs of Freaker Feet and 2 matching Freakers! It's an incredible deal, so get it while the going is hot!

Please please please share our campaign with your family and friends and internet family and internet friends. Let's team up and take over! We love you!