Eco Superstars!

Momo, the Canadian Ambassador of Freakerville wants to freak your feet as much as we do. (His human AndrewKnapp is A+ too! Thanks AK!) #FindMomo

Earlier this week, we released a Freaker Public Service Announcement about how supporting American made products secures a bright future for Lady Liberty and all of her loving communities. Check it out here!

Sure, domestic manufacturing is great for the economy, but is buying American Made good for the environment? YES. Absolutely yes. 100% YES.

When we buy imported products, think of the journey they’ve taken to get to us. The unnecessary land and water use is immense. All of the extra packaging it requires is immense. Fuel usage and costs? Immense!

The United States also has environmental and labor standards that make sure factories aren’t spewing Gak Poison into the air. It’s impossible to know what kind of unthinkable pollution we're supporting with imported products.

Buying American Made products has the impact of a meteorite! …A really really nice meteorite, full of love, that’s coming to Earth to make everybody smile.

4 days left! Let’s do this!

Love you!