The long winded version!

YOU GUYS! You did it!!! You made Freaker Feet a real thing in real life!

We're overflowing with unbounded gratitude, wild bewilderment, and a whole bucketload of intense love! No words can describe how melty our hearts are. Puddles. Love puddles. (The innocent kind.)

Our campaign ended at 10am this morning. With 18 hours left, we still needed $70,000 to reach our funding goal. With 12 hours left, we still needed $50,000. With half an hour left, we still needed $4,000. With 6 minutes left, we still needed $1,500. And you made it happen. WHAT?! You are incredible!

We're acting immediately. It all starts now. Freaker Feet will be coming to a mailbox near you this spring! We couldn't have done this without you. Thank you thank you thank you thank you! You are the wind beneath our wings. Truth!