Blink + Blink = Wink!

Blink. Blink blink. Blink blink blink blink. Bling blink. Wink!

We recently received a care package from the lovely ladies over at Blink Blink. They had a rigged up a magical Unicorn On The Cob... with science! And goodness. 

Back up: Blink Blink is a fresh-faced company based in New York (and hailing from our home-town soft spot Wilmington, NC!) that makes Creative Circuit Kits. Their DIY kits provide all the necessary tools to engineer your own arts, fashion and wearable technology, specifically focusing on young girls & their beautifully inspired and uninhibited creativity.

Founders Joselyn & Nicole trust that science & technology is here to stay (HOLLER!) and that little ladies have a lot to contribute. Changing the landscape of arts, crafts and toys is a good place to start. 

Thanks a billion for blinking our freaking, ladies! We're all hypnotized by you, your project, and also this endlessly blinking magic unicorn horn. Yoda best. May the freak be with you.