Freaker Friday: Restock Your Drawers!

With this week's release of Big Booty, we've been extra excitable about being jerks in the high-seas, and it's Friday so we need you to join this pirate party.

Summer is a time for treasure maps. Where there are treasure maps, there are treasure hunts. Where there are treasure hunts, there are treasure chests. Where there are treasure chests, there is treasure. And where there is treasure, there is pleasure.

We want to see your inner summer scavenging pirate. It's Friday - go wild.

WHAT YOU'RE WINNING: We have 5 care packages (read: treasure chests) this week filled with Freakers for you to make it rain with.

If anybody blacked out for the last couple of years, Freakers are bottle insulators that will fit any sized bottle - from a sippy cup to a 40 oz! They keep your drink cold, your hands dry, and you awesome. We make them in North Carolina, the grand land of Petey Pablo, Cheerwine, and Blackbeard.

Each winner will get 8 Freakers of their choice from our Boutique and/or Greetings From lines!

HOW TO ENTER: Get on Instagram and show us why you're secretly a pirate for your chance to win. Use the hashtag #FreakerBooty so we can find you!

Winners announced in our Tuesday newsletter!