Welcome to Freakerville!

In early April 2011, four youngsters (that weren't actually that young) commonly referred to as The Freakerteam launched a Kickstarter campaign to take their bottle-sweat-battling creation and freak the world.

30 styles, 60 days, 2,416 backers and 62,770 dollars later, The
Freakerteam has a heap of steaming-hot hard-work cut out for them.
Now they toil all day and all night to get their Freaker-babies
popped out and ready to fly home to their wonderful supporters.

Please, come on in and make yourself comfortable! 

Let me introduced you to your hosts this evening:

team freaker

Zach Crain 

Founding Father and RingMaster of our Freaker Circus.
Zach is the original primitive Freak and is currently working on
converting a Boxtruck into a studio apartment so he and his team of
adventurers can fulfill their quest to Freak America with grilled
cheese parties from sea to shining sea. He enjoys escapades with his
dog Mr. Pete and in his time off... he has no time off.

Oliver Mellan

Master FilmGrillz& Videographer of All Things Freaky
Urban Legend tells us that Oliver was raised in a small hoodlum
community of smooth-talking mystics somewhere in the clouds. Nobody
can be sure whether or not this is a true story, but it would surely
explain his ambrosial connection with body-paint and superhuman dance

Lauren Krakauskas

Freak-Glottologist and Resident Female of Freakerville
Lauren likes the words "jubilee" and "jollification" and abuses them
all day, everyday, in both usage and in definitive practice. She has
an uncanny love for mediocre action movies and you can often find her
furiously giggling from her own puns (that only she understood.) Her
dog's name is Nelson Danzig Mandela. He is perfect.

Justin Mitchener

Official Hand of Freak and also Everything Else
Justin is a man of many many wonders. All the wonders, actually.
Freaker Fact: Justin has to change his name every 6 hours because his
supreme powers are in such high demand - no man could single-handedly
manage the mobs that want to borrow his talents. His aliases include:
Freak Master Flex, Divine Dexterous Design King, and J-Nutz.

We hope you enjoy your stay.

Freak on freakin on, to infinity and beyond!,
-The Freakerteam.