ShipStorm Delays!


Helloooooooooo friends!!

If you haven’t received your Kickstarter reward package yet - don’t worry! Your probably not on your postman’s hit-list (yet) and you’re probably not the victim of mailbox embezzlement.

Your package probably isn’t having an affair with another Kickstarter Backer. Your package probably hasn’t chickened out and left you at the shipping altar. Instead, it’s waiting waiting anxiously to be shipped home. Really. It won’t shut up about it. It loves you. It wants to freak you. So badly. But we can’t ship it until we have all of your chosen designs in from production - a process which has been just a tidbit behind schedule.

We were able to start chipping away at the 5,000 Kickstarter packages in late May and we’re continuing to send ones we have the stock for!

Around 30% of packages have already been shipped and we’re working diligently to get the rest of these babies out of our door and into your arms and onto your feet. When your package ships, you will get an email with tracking information!

Thank you a billion for your patience and we can’t wait for everyone to be fully freaked!

Love you, hug you,