Contest: Design-a-Freaker

design a freaker contest

Are you an aspiring doodler?

In need of bragging rights so you can finally talk to that cute girl at the gym?

Are you a closeted freak seeking an outlet for liberation?

Do you have an imaginary friend you'd like to see cuddling the liquids of America?

Do you simply have nothing else to do today? Are you haunted by the blinding beauty of your grandfather's old sweater?

Are you one of those people who chronically enter odd contests?

We have a little something for you, dear friend. 

At least one of you honies will be the designer of a very special Freaker in our next line! Send us your designs on the Freaker template and let's get freaky! 

 Ready, set, doodle!

Winners will be chosen by August 1st, 2011. The winning designs will be featured in the upcoming lines and design credits will be given in product descriptions on the website

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  • Diane Khatib

    Jul 16, 2011

    Diane Khatib

    Ok….I’m in! Just sent a great freaker design. If it doesn’t win….it’ll at least give you a good laugh!

  • Harvey

    Jul 15, 2011


    Question- since I have NO design skills, I need someone’s help to bring my idea to life…I think it could be a winner. Interested, let me know:

  • FreakerTeam!

    Jul 05, 2011


    JGunzz!!! You do whatever your heart tells you to! We’re really into just about everything. Doodleaway, grand doodle master flex!

  • JGunzz

    Jul 05, 2011


    Hi There Freaker Friend-

    Do you want this to be done in fancy shmancy photoshop/illustrator – or a true, honest-to-goodness doodle? You tell me. I obey.


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