Hey mom! We Freaked the News!


Last Friday greeted us with 100 degree weather, fresh coffee, and a news crew in our office.  For the next 3 hours we recieved valuable life advice from NBC representatives and we're feelin a bit frisky so we'll share some of the wisdom:

1. "Stop drinking so much coffee."
2. "Did any of you actually eat breakfast?!"
3. "You are very strange."
4. And this little gem: If you ever get a news crew in the paper-mache marionette world you built in the back of your office, don't anticipate them to air the full footage of the love-triangle puppet show between Peewee Herman, Ellen Degeneres and Charlie Sheen that you performed for them. Just something to keep in mind. 

These are imperative lessons in the life of filmed freaks. And ALAS! The news makes things special. So special, that some people may go so far as to call it "fictional." So we'd like to make a couple corrections for those who may be in the throes of Freaker confusion. 
1. Zac is actually Zach. This mix-up is understandable, however, seeing that he misspelled his own name on his own nametag 
2. Lauren was not the knitting culprit. Evidence: her hand coordination skills are so lacking, she is forced to wear armour when operating a butterknife. 

And like all good family-fun-functions we promptly ate Indian food directly afterwards.