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Oops, we did it again (for the 1st time)


We've been real excited about the Design-a-Freaker contest and got a little maudlin when we didn't get any submissions for the first week (except for the mail-in scratch-and-sniff dinosaurs ... you know who you are, and no, we will not tell your boss). But then we found out the good/bad news! 

There HAD been submissions but due to a technological apocalypse (AKA a minor error) we didn't recieve any submissions before June 24th (that was 3 days ago!) ... So please please please, re-submit your designs if you were a wormless early-bird.


June 27, 2011 by Freaker USA



Sarah said:

please make this a reality…pppppppkaaaaaaaaaaaawww (pterodactyl noise)


Brentley said:

So, I’m not too certain about the tail. Some pterodactyls have tails, and some don’t according to google images. Science is hard!

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