Good morning, July!! So nice to see you here! I realize that you're already a week old, but you've just been so hospitable to the Freakerteam, we had to give you a warm hypothetical bearhug! After 4 helping hands, 2 weeks, and 1 farmfestival, Brookville, Pennsylvania has successfully launched us into what some scientists call Freaker SPACE!! 

Farm JammaLamma hosted the very first post-Kickstarter grilled cheese Freaker extravaganza party!! Our hearts are still thumping. Let's take you into the backwood world of the JammaLamma!

We got a hop-on! (learned from the best Bluths around)

The ultimate American hero, Keith H.

Evidently, a neon boxtruck full of Freakers attracts more children than.... ice cream? (I'm not actually sure what attracts children other than  the Freaker BTruck. Bugs? Candy?...Furbies?)


The FreakerBTruck is in full throttle! Look how throttling it is! Throttlific!