Travelogue: Freaking America Never felt so good!

The Freakerteam (AKA 75% of the Freakerteam) is officially on the road again (WILLIE NELSON!!) After 4 helping hands, 2 weeks and 1 pimped-my-boxtruck, we kept on kepting (?!) on and drove all night.  We woke up the next morning in Brooklyn in an array of pathetic states. Zach "slept" at a 90 degree angle with his eyes open. Oliver excreted his own weight in a hot sweat, and Lauren fell off her bench (bed) onto the very-solid-floor. 

But onwards and upwards, freaks and friends! The journey here was an event in itself. Let's revisit the not so distant past!:

New goal on the Freaker Front: Zach & Oliver to wrestle in every state! Prediction: Endless hours of entertainment for not only Lauren, but for truck-stop-regulars across the country!! Oh glory days!! 

Lauren has officially martini-christened the FreakerBTruck! In the first 30 yards of roading, a bottle of vodka, cocktail onions, and a sea of glass = our new floor!! She swears this is a certified ritual, but we  have our suspicions. (Update: All of her lush-playtoys have since been secured via bunjee cords)

Even though he tried them on in-store, Z's new underwear were terrifyingly tight. Seemingly, this would be his own problem, but it quickly spread to a universal issue when he stripped naked out of pure frustration in a Wal-Mart parking lot.


The Freakerteam

is slowly learning the art of being American "Truckers" with only a few minor mishaps along the way.  Zach had only a tiddle of trouble turning on the right "Diesel Island," Oliver didn't have to put his entire body into it when they got the gas pump stuck in the ...truck's pumphole (???), and Lauren only kept asking absurd motor questions to a non-English-speaking truck driver for a little too long. In this brave new world, they are still learning.