Freak of the Week 5.0

Last week we all celebrated the triumph of good vs evil and also the fact that we're probably all Muggles. Sweatus Repelicus winners areeee:

Shelby Treichler:

Siriusly, don't be riddikulus and let this Freaker slytherin away!

Jacob Rudolph:

 Get your Weasley little hands off my Freaker!

Congratulations, lady & gent! You all deserve a butter beer, but instead we're going to ship you a Freaker to cover it (and let us know where you find that delicacy!) 

This week, we're moving on to a Freaker that has undergone 3 name changes. First, it was Candy Candito, then to be changed to Wile E. Coyote. Now, and finally, our dear bird is aptly named Queso Bandito. Show the little guy some pun-love and he will repay you with the best thing he's got... himself.