Travelogue: Freak America Tour 3 days in!

We have officially launched off from our rocket pad in Wilmington, NC and are on the road again (just like that Willie Nelson song!)
We are travelling the country in the cheese-grillin, body-paintin, magic-makin Freaker Boxtruck and have survived our first time zone change! 

Let's take a step back and relive the goodbye/mourning process and the freakweek(end)

Before we left our homespot,

we decided to accomplish what was necessary. Putting on a borrowed moose costume (Thanks Brad Land!) and destroying the little paper mache world we had made in the back of the office.

Mission? Violently accomplished.


There was also exactly one official meeting. Some of us had a blast. Others had a nap.

Our 1st stop:

Hip Replacements in Asheville. Franzi runs the Buy Local campaign in Asheville and is what science would call a "hero." If you are ever in the area, go give her a bearhug at Hip Replacements. Promise: You will not regret it.

Our powers combined.... we are Freaking America.

Freaked on freaking on and ended up filming a short in an eastern Tennessee field. Chuckling, of course. 


We got pulled over in East Tennesee for reasons that are still unclear to us. But all ended well, probably because we forced the state troopers to be our new best friends. 

"We're not going to bother you anymore because you're just selling tube socks. I hope you get rich off those tube socks."
East Tennessee cops don't understand Freakers.... yet.

Suspected terrorist!

"It was a funny joke.... but don't touch me."


the "legal incident" we saw a dam on the side of the road and simultaneously, all of us screamed in joy. We furiously pulled the car around and after finding some ambiguous remains of what may-have-been-a-beaver, we filmed a Freaker video that will surely top all other Freaker videos in the department of absurdity.

Unfortunately, we'll have to wait on the Gandalf previews. Instead, we'll do yoga. Because we love you.

And until the next time we get legally accosted, grill all the cheese, or destroy miniature cities.... we bid you adieu, dear freaks.

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  • John Robinson

    Jul 27, 2011

    John Robinson

    Hey Zac and freaker friends. Got my freakers in the mail and love them. I use them also to freak my CO2 tanks on my paintball gun. Never thought of that use did ya? Anyway, come on up to Columbus, OH. We’ll greet you guys with big bear hugs, and possibly throw in a moose one too. Columbus, you say? Yeah. We got tons of farmer’s markets (One at the end of my street), Our block party is August 14th if you guys are in the area. (Let us feed you instead). Some history…Cbus is the home of the banana split, the first ATM, and White Castles! Everyone needs a slider after a night out drinking with friends! Come see the San Francisco of the midwest! Did I mention we have Roller Derby too!

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